Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday Friends!  It was a sweatshirt and messy bun type of day for me.  But let's get to the point of this post, my weekend.
Friday night I met Kayleen, Emily and her friend at our schools musical.  It was All Shook Up and soo good!

Saturday Morning I went to my dad's to get my tired fixed.  Friday on my way to school after I just left the house I knew something wasen't right.  It sounded like something was dragging on the ground and I had a feeling something was wrong.  So i turned around the block back to my mom's and got out and found my front tire flat.  So i ran to the gas station a block away and had my brother fill it with air.  I got very lucky and made it to school.  My dad came during school and put my spare tire on.  I guess my tire was COMPLETELY flat and it started from the inside of the tire.  So I was VERY lucky to make it to school!  So Friday night and Saturday morning I drove with the flat and couldn't go faster then 45....That was fun, Not!  So i spent my Saturday morning getting the new tire and getting it put on.
After that I came home and eat lunch.  Then spent from 1 to 4 cleaning my room and procrastinating on my phone.  Then I went to my brother's baseball game.
Sunday around Noon, I met Ashley (post about her here) at our school, hopped in her car and we went to Applebees for lunch.
This picture show's her personally well, haha.  She is a blast to be around.  It was such fun and memories of the time will never leave me.
We originally planned on taking Sam to the park but it was rainy so we opted out for lunch instead.  I'm so glad we hung out outside of school.
Our First of hopefully many times to come!
The rest of the day I spent with this cutie.

It was a great weekend!  I just to spend a little time with friends, have a little relaxing time and also got a little done! :)
I'm just loving life right now!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

This & That for another Thursday

Happy Thursday! (:  It's almost the weekend!

  • I have a bunch of post I want to do but haven't had the time to get them done! 
  • I'm quickly writing this post as I have to go to my Brother's Baseball game in a few
  • Going to my brother's baseball games has become my life!  It keeps me busy!
  • I have 3 tests tomorrow and a quiz :(
  • I already have plans for every day this weekend!
  • I will have a post about my weekend on Monday!
  • I probably won't have another post till then!
  • This is just a quick post without pictures but this is just a little update!

Have a great Friday and Weekend!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

An April Weekend

Friday Night when I got home from school, I cleaned and then went to the grocery store with my dad.  On the way home, we picked Kayleen up.  She came over to my house and we walked around, watched tv, took drew to baseball practice, baked brownies and listened to music and then picked drew up.  Then came back, eat our brownies and then I went over to her house to stay the night.  We uploaded her Prom pictures to Facebook and watched Soul Surfer before falling asleep at 1am.
Saturday morning we got up about 9am, eat breakfast, cleaned up our sleeping arrangement's, got dressed, hung out before dropping her brother off at baseball and buying a 10 pound thing of flour for her flour baby for school.  We went back to her house before me leaving.  I came home, and got ready for drew's baseball game!
 Drew's game was a nail biting game with some nasty fans.  We lost sadly. :(  I came home and took it easy before bed!
Sunday till 4pm, I took it easy and did homework.  At 4pm, I went over to Kayleen's and we put together her flour baby for a class she is in.  Flour baby Charlie! (:
After that, I eat dinner there and then we went for a walk and then she painted my nails before I headed home to watch tv and go to bed!
I'm so happy I was with Kayleen every day this weekend!  I need these times!  Esp our car ride when we were singing at the top of our lungs and just loving it! (:  Ahh! :D
It's was a great weekend that went by too fast!!!
Couldn't ask for a better best friend! <333

Hope your weekend was also a good one!  I just got home from Drew's baseball game.  Sadly they lost! :(
Have a good week!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Project 365: Days 239-252

I'm linking up with
like normal.

I'm a little behind on Project 365 so I am doing last week's and this weeks.  If you haven't read my post about Prom 2012 click on the link and go read it!!

Day 239
Sunday April 8, 2012
Easter and Sam's Birthday Party.  You can read about this here.

Day 240
Monday April 9, 2012
Another Spring break dayy!

Day 241
Tuesday April 10, 2012
Last day of Spring Break!  You can read about it here!

Day 242
Wednesday April 11, 2012
Back to school and youth group!

Day 243
Thursday April 12, 2012
School day

Day 244
Friday April 13, 2012
School and then relaxing and getting ready for Prom & ACT!

Day 245
Saturday April 14, 2012
ACT & Prom day!  Kayleen got some better pictures of us then me so I will probably do a post to look back onto Prom and to post those pictures!

Day 246
Sunday April 15, 2012
Youth group meeting and taking it easy!  I also want to do a post on Prom Hair!

Day 247
Monday April 16, 2012
School and then Brothers first baseball game of the year!  Can read about it here!

Day 248
Tuesday April 17, 2012
Sam's Birthday, School and another brother's baseball game!

Day 249
Wednesday April 18, 2012
Just school and then hanging out

Day 250
Thursday April 19, 2012
School, Homework and hanging out.  Sam and Drew were practicing for T-ball that Sam will play this summer!

Day 251
Friday April 20, 2012
Weekend post to come!

Day 252
Saturday April 21, 2012

Finally checked up on Project 365!  Many posts needed to be completed!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Junior Prom 2012

I had Prom on Saturday April 14, 2012.  It was SO much fun!  But also went by SO fast!  I wish I could re live it!  
Emily, Kayleen, Me & Morgan
I LOVE this picture!
Emily & I
Emily, Me & Morgan
My mom & I
Me & Ashley
I love this picture SO much!!
Kayleen & I

Me & Drew
Anthony, Me, Drew & Sam
Sam & I
Such a great time!!
Even though it rained most of that day, it didn't ruin our day!  It was so fun to see everyone dressed up, dance, eat dinner, hang with friends and actually feel pretty! :)
After Prom we went back to Emily's house, changed and headed to post prom which was a memorable experience! 
It's so sad it's over!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Happy 5th Birthday Sam!!
Seems like just yesterday I was writing this post of him turning four.  Can't believe he is already five!!
Dear Sam,
Happy Birthday!  I love you so much!  I remember when I found out mom was pregnant with you.  And thinking it was going to be 'another dumb boy'.  And then being right when I found out you were a boy.  Seems like yesterday I got called into office to learn that mom was in the hospital.  I remember going to the hospital the day after you where born.  And being so afraid to hold you.  It's crazy to think it's been 5 year since this all has happened.  And even though you are a 'stupid boy', I couldn't imagine my life without my baby brother.  I won't lie, you sometimes drive me crazy.  The whole not listening stuff makes me go insane but I love you so much.  I remember when you were born, holding you and spoiling you rotten those first years.  I love when I've been gone at my dads and show up at moms and you come running to me and give me big hugs and kisses.  Or when I ask you who your favorite sibling is and you say me. ;)  Or when you don't want me to leave.  I love you so much.  I can't believe you are already 5!

Your Big Sis,

Monday, April 16, 2012

Start of the Baseball Season

Today was my brother Drew's first baseball game of the season!  I don't know if I'm ready for this already!  He has another one tomorrow.  Let's just say they need some practice still!  They a lot!  There is always the next game.  

I owe a post on Prom  and Project 365!  But Sam's birthday is tomorrow so that will be tomorrow's post!  Have a great week and I'll leave you with some pictures.
It looked so nice out with the sun but it was chilly!!!
Here's to a hopefully better next game!

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