Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 In Review

Wow!  Crazy to think that tomorrow is 2013!  2012 has been a pretty great year
A look back..........
January 2012.....Celebrating Gavin's 3rd Birthday, hanging out with the best friend and the baby brother.
February 2012.......Celebrating Noah's Birthday and Kayleen's Birthday
March 2012.....Prom Dress shopping, Enjoying the beautiful weather with Sam
April 2012...A busy month!  Prom, brother's baseball games, hanging with friends, Easter & Sam's Bday.

May 2012...Babysitting, Last day of School, baseball & tball games and best friend time
June 2012.....Baseball game, Enjoying summer and babysitting
July 2012.....4th of July, Friend time and New Orleans trip
August 2012....Celebrating my birthday, getting senior pics done, Starting working at the daycare, first day of school, babysitting and football games
September...Bowling with friends, Homecoming, working and Husker football games
October 2012....Halloween, Carving pumpkins, school and work and cousin pictures along with School and ACT.
November 2012.....Thanksgiving, school, work and putting up Christmas tree.
December 2012....Drew's Birthday, doing Christmas cookies and baking, enjoying 2 snow days, Christmas with family, seeing Ashley and spending time with Kayleen.

What a year!
Enjoy the last day of 2012!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

We didn't take many pictures at dad's side Christmas but it was simple and a nice day! :)
Uncle and cousins
 Dad's side of the family
Had to do a picture of Grandma with Jacob's Goofy hat ;)
Now all done with the Christmas post!  Just in time for the new year! :)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Morning 2012

Our Cousin Reagan ended up sleeping over at our house Christmas Eve.  Since I have a queen size bed, she stayed in my bed.  So all these great pics are by her :)
 Santa came! :)  Pic is after we opened stockings. 
We got spoiled this year, for sure!
 Waiting for Mom to hand everyone their presents
 Someone got lot's of presents!
 All my presents!
 Box inside a box
 Taylor Swift Tickets!!!!
Got a blue and purple scarf :)
Me with chocolate and being a dork wearing the scarfs
 Drew and his new Kindle Fire
 Santa even visited Reagan :)
 Opening his present from me :)
 Shortly after Step grandparents and aunt/uncle came over and we opened stuff from them and then me & drew headed to our dad's.
Christmas Day post to come!

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