Monday, April 29, 2013

New Fridge, Baseball, Shopping, and Another Allergic Reaction

That title pretty much sums up this weekend!  It's been another busy weekend, and the next weekends will be the same!!

Friday night after work I ended up taking drew to baseball practice, stopping at dads, and picking drew up before arriving home around 9pm.

Saturday morning, I went with mom, step dad, and sam to get a new fridge, and then went out to lunch.  Then got home and went to drew's baseball game.  It didn't start til after 4pm and we were tied for 3 innings and it went over almost an hour and then ended up losing by 1. :(  By the time we got home it was realaxing time, we ordered pizza for dinner, and i just hung out.  Then at almost 10pm last night kayleen invited me to get Red Mango (that was closed, boo) so ended up being Dairy Queen and going to Walmart so Kayleen could buy her cousin a present.  It wasn't much time together, but i'm glad we atleast got to see each other this weekend!  
And at Walmart I finally picked up Essie brand nail polish!

Our Fridge while we switched out the fridges for 30 minutes

Sunday, I went to sunday school and then helped switch out our fridges.  Then me & mom went and order brother's confirmation cake.  Then grabbed Arby's and went Graduation Dress shopping.  I found a dress but a third way through I started to red itchy and red.  Ended up being an allergic reaction so went home and took benedryl.  After awhile it went away.  We definitely need to get me in to get tested for allergies!

Today is school & work and then my brother has a baseball game 30 minutes away at 6, and since I work til 6 I won't go to the game.  I'll probably get myself Subway for dinner, and enjoy a quiet house! :)

Happy Monday!

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