Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Memoir About Divorce

This is a memoir poem I wrote in Creative Writing.  It is my honest feelings/thoughts about my situation with divorce and how it affected me.  I decided to blog this, because I think it's apart of me.  Hope you enjoy and there are no rude comments :)  I know there won't be! 


I was an innocent girl.  Living with my parents and little brother.  

My family fell         a  p  a  r  t
Every. Single. Day.
Dragging my dad away from fighting with my mom
To come tuck me in

Moving day
Big Two Men In A Truck
Grandma taking my clothes in her car
Loading everything up
Having to split everything and deciding what goes to what house

New place
Town house with two stories
Having to share a room with my brother
Us getting the master bedroom with connected bathroom
Mom taking the other small room

Unpacking most of my stuff on the same day as moving
Putting all my clothes away in walk in closet
Me having half the closet, brother having other half

Next door neighbors coming over and greeting us
Getting to know all the new neighbors

Having to get use to 50/50 custody
Dad coming over and picking us up from moms
Everything being so new

Divorce made me have to grow up
I had to be responsible
Not only for myself, but also my brother
Having to get all my stuff ready for
which ever parents house we were going to
Having to remind my dad of stuff

Divorce changed how I was.  
I grew up.
I was no longer a care free child

I now was in two seperate homes
Away from unhappy fighting parents
Constantly fighting over this or that

But I had to deal with the fact my parents were divorced
And never going to be together ever again
We would never be that happy family of four
We would never be in the same house
Or go to things together

I had to deal with going back between houses
Having to be the middle man of my parents
And eventually having to deal with a step dad, and two step brothers
And a dad having a girlfriend
They would never be together again

Divorce made me who I am
Made me stronger
Made me have to grow up
Made me become the girl I am now

Happy Wednesday!!  I can't believe it's already MAY!  The busy month is here!!!

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Justin and Marcie said...

My parents got divorced when I was in middle school and those are about the same emotions I felt. My parents divorce was not amicable by any means. They still fight constantly and it's frustrating, but I agree with you. It made me the person I am. It made me respect marriage that much more and I'm now married to someone that I know with 100% certainty, that we can handle anything that comes our way as long as God is at the center of our marriage. Divorce sucks, but it will make you more picky about who you date and eventually, who you marry. It really can be a blessing in disguise if you let it.

Suzi @ chores and chandeliers said...


Jaylyn Bond said...

This brought a few tears to my eyes. My parents are still together so I haven't expierenced this but hugs to you Jamie ♥

Lauren "Ren" D said...

This is beautiful! I've never been through a divorce but have watch many people go through them and know how much they suck. Many hugs your way.

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