Friday, May 31, 2013

Jaylyn's Guest Post

We are ending the week with Jaylyn's guest post!  I head home from South Carolina tomorrow!  So while I recover on Monday, we will have another guest blogger!  Hope you enjoy Jaylyn's post and come back Monday for another wonderful guest blogger!  Enjoy this post from Jaylyn and thank you Jaylyn for doing this for me! :)
Hi friends! I am so excited to be guest posting on my sweet blog friend, Jamie's blog today!
I've never done a guest post before, so I thought I would give y'all a little something about myself and hopefully e-meet some of Jamie's fabulous blog readers :)
So to start off, I guess I should let you know my that I'm Jaylyn & I am from over at The Nanny Diaries, where I talk about my journey being a Nanny to a great family, fashion, pinterest, link ups and more. Basically whatever comes to my mind.
As I said above, I am a Nanny. I took Early Childhood Education at my local college back home in Sarnia and I was a Nanny to 2 little girls in Sarnia and I was working at a children's clothing store at the time. I wasn't happy at the clothing store (boss drama) and I just needed a change. I joined a website for people looking for Nannies and within 10 minutes of my profile being up I had over 25 job offers. It was insane. I went through everyones profiles being super picky because if I was leaving my parents house, I wanted to make sure I was going somewhere good.
I came across a family who had to cute little girls and I instantly knew that they were the family I wanted to work for. I emailed them and I got an email back right away saying they wanted to interview me via skype. 2 days after that we did the skype interview which lasted maybe 2 mins because the 1 year old pulled the computer plug so we had to finish the interview by phone. The next day they emailed me and said they wanted to hire me.
I couldn't start for a month because the family that I was with couldn't send there youngest daughter to daycare until she was 18 months and I had promised to stay there until then. Honestly leaving that family was the hardest thing EVER. I aboslutely loved and still do love those girls and we still see each other everytime I go home.
(this is Breslyn & Ella who I nannied in Sarnia♥)
So Breslyn, Ella & I made sure to have the most fun ever for that last month! And let me tell you, that month fleeeew by SO fast. Before I knew it, it was my last day and Breslyn was sobbing that she didn't want "her JJ" to leave her and Ella was hugging me so tightly, my heart hurt. But I was ready to start this new adventure.
On Thanksgiving Day (here in Canada), I packed up my car and headed 2 hours to Kitchener where I knew absolutely no one and didn't know the city at all and had only met the Mother of the family on Skype for 2 minutes. I was sooooo nervous.
I got here and it honestly felt like I had been here forever. I was instantly apart of their family. It wasn't awkward, it wasn't nerve wracking, it was so exciting. I was so happy that I chose this family to be with.
I've been here for 7 months now and it feels like I've been here for 7 years (in a good way). I love waking up and doing what I do on a daily basis. I love taking care of kids and I love taking care of the parents to.
(Ella & I)
Funny thing is, the one year old in Sarnia was named Ella and the 1 year old I am with in Kitchener is named Ella!
(Madison & Ella)
(Ella & I)
I am so happy that I decided to be brave (I'm the little chicken when it comes to leaving my parents) and move away from my parents, my friends, my town, and everything I knew to take on this job because its been such a fun expierence, that I wouldn't change for the world.
Thanks for having me Jamie!
If you want you can follow me on:
instagram - jaylynbond
twitter - jaylynbonddd
pinterest - /jaylynbond
and ofcourse on my blog :)

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