Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jillian's Post: Love, Marriage and a baby carriage

Hope everyone is having a great week!  There is a third guest post for this week while I am on vacation!  This is a great piece, thanks so much to Jillian for guest blogging! :)

Hey my name is Jillian! I am a 31 year old mom to two little girls and a third on the way. I have been married for almost 7 years and I still feel like I'm 21:) But I assure you I am NOT!

I am sure most of the girls reading this are college students, young adults.... and can't really even begin to imagine the life I am living, right??  I remember college, it was some of the best years of my life! I know that the homework, exams, all nighters seem hard and crazy but let me tell you... the next phase is harder.  

I went to a small Catholic college in the heart of a big city. It was seriously some of the best years of my life. I had so much fun, hanging out, virtually no responsibilities, living the life of freedom.  But even then I couldn't wait to graduate, get a real job, get married, have kids, the American dream...

Motherhood is something I have always wanted, I knew since I was a little kid that I wanted to be a mommy! So I never questioned that is where my life would turn. Before I kids I had these ideas, thoughts, I would look at other mothers and think, " I will never let my kid do that or I would never look like that in public."  Ha!! If I knew then what I know now! 

My kids are crazy, most days they run around naked, messing up the house, crying, fighting, etc.... My life is not perfect, not glamorous. When they were babies most days I had food or spit up on me. Now that they are older and potty trained I make sure butts are wiped and hands are washed.  Some days (most days) I don't shower until nap time.  I lock myself in a room to get away, they just bang on the door and scream! I haven't gone to the bathroom alone in.... heck I don't even know how long.

But you know what?? I wouldn't trade it for anything! My husband and I find time to get alone time (like once a month), I get me time, he gets me time... We make it work without going insane. But you know what? It's not easy. So let go of that perfect all American dream you think happens when you get married and have a kid.  Because personally? I think that is when life gets the most challenging. Life gets more real and freedom is a thought of the past. But when your little kid looks up at you, smiles, kisses you and says, "I love you mommy".  Makes it worth every last bit of it!! 

God Bless

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