Sunday, May 5, 2013

Letter To My Brother On His Confirmation Day

Today is the day that my brother is getting confirmed!

Dear Drew,
Congrats on getting confirmed!  You have come a long way since you started this confirmation journey.  For me, I really connected with God after confirmation.  Going on a mission trip, synod mini trip, and a national youth gathering really oppened my eyes on how much god loves me.  I hope you go on those trips and get your eyes opened too, and then want to go to church every week!  It's a big day baby brother!

Love Always,
Your Big Sis

*Today you will find me teaching sunday social, going to 10:45 service to get senior quilt, 1pm Confirmation followed by a lunch in.  And then who knows what else because my dad's cousin comes in for a week today!*

Happy Sunday :)

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