Monday, May 27, 2013

Ren's Guest Post

Hello all!  Today I am in South Carolina for vacation!  While I am gone, I am very happy to have some lovely ladies to be guest posting for me!  Ren will start us off, Enjoy!! :)

Hey all! I’m Lauren but some of you may know me as Ren. I go by both, so call me whatever you feel comfortable with. I’m 17, almost 18, and go to an all-girls Catholic high school. Since it is something not many people experience and I do, I thought I would write about it as a guest post for Jamie.

When I was in 8th grade, I had to choose which high school to go to (where I live you can pick the school you go to as long as it’s not a public school).  My two chooses were both all-girl Catholic high schools. It seems so normal to me but to some of you it may seem strange. My grade school was co-ed and I had 1, maybe 2, co-ed chooses for high schools but it’s a lot more common to go to a single sex schools.

I chose my school and have been there since. I’ve never thought about what it is like to go to a co-ed high school. It is so natural for me to be where I am. I also love my school.

As with every school, there are pros and cons. The pros outweigh the cons by a long shot for my school. One of my favorite things to say about my school is, “If you can’t find a hair tie or bobby pin, then there is something wrong!” It’s true though! With nearly 800 girls you better be able to find a hair tie! Some of the pros are:
·         You don’t have to do your hair nice or look pretty.
·         You can talk about ANYTHING! (You all know what I’m talking about!)
·         You don’t have to worry about being lady-like.
·         Someone always has hair ties, bobby pins, make up, or any other girly thing.
·         There’s always someone to borrow clothes off of.
·         You don’t have to try and get someone’s attention.
Some of my favorite pros are I don’t  have to look good and can get out of bed 10 minutes before I have to leave and still be on time. We do have times where we joke and tell each other that we look a mess but that’s on rare occasions. It’s also nice to know that you don’t have to watch out for what you say and about impressing someone.

There really aren’t many cons except you have no male experiences during the day, so when a male comes in the building that is cute, every girls act like they are deprived of male contact. It really isn’t all that bad either.
You may be thinking that with all of those girls, is there a lot of drama and girl fights? No, and I am pleasantly surprised. We all get along and there isn’t any of the girl drama that people usually think about with a group of girls. Really there aren’t many bad things about going to an all-girls school. You get to relax more and all while going to school.
I would have to say as a whole, my experience of going to an all-girls school has been great and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
*I just want to say that this is only my experience with my school and that every school is different. Some people may have different experiences than what I have had.*

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