Friday, June 28, 2013

June Edition Of Pin It Friday

Some of my recent Pinterest favorites, Happy Friday!! :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Reality has started to hit.  The reality that not seeing my best friend pretty much 4 days a week at least will no longer be in the picture.  This week I said goodbye to my best friend for 2 weeks (I go on vacation and the day I get back, she goes on vacation).  I know in 2 months it will be hard to say goodbye to family and friends.  It will be hard to have all the distance and not see everyone all the time.  But I know College is my calling and distance only makes relationship stronger!! :)

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another Month, Another Trip!

You read that title right! :)  It's a new month, which means another trip!!  This time it will be with my brother and dad and we will be heading down to Texas! :)  We will be visiting family, going to Six Flags & attending a wedding!

Hope you all have a great rest of the week! :)  
I will have scheduled posts for Thursday & Friday while I am gone!  If you want to see pictures or keep connected with me while I am away, my instagram username is jamiec199 and my twitter username is jclo199!

I will leave you with a picture from Monday night when I spent time with my Best Friend!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

SC Vacation: Day Six & Drive Home

Day five was our last full day in South Carolina!  We wasted a lot of the morning away trying to decide what to do and then we finally decided to go to this park/use to be a plantation/garden.

 LOVE this picture!!
 Me & mom on the tram!

Such a pretty place!  Then we went on a boat ride! :)

We grabbed dinner on the way home (which was not good and our second bad food experience) and then hit the pool for awhile before going to walk on the beach.
Love this shot!  It was so much to go to the beach in the evenig!  The boys played in the water and Sam played in the sand.  I collected shells and drew in the sand!

 Me & Sam
 Sam & Mom
 Me & mom


We then decided to go back to where we ate dinner the first night to get ice cream, and snacks and enjoy the weather.  Then we came back to the place and it was bedtime!

Friday morning was spent getting things packed & cleaned up.  We went to Step grandparents house to drop things off then we hit the road.  We went a few hours, then stopped for the night.  Saturday June 1 we traveled all day and stayed the night in Peoria, IL.  Sunday we got home mid day!

Monday, June 24, 2013

SC Vacation: Mini Golfing & Borders

Day One   Day Two   Day Three   Day Four  Day Five

Here are the pictures I promised! :)  Happy Monday! 
My step grandparents house was walking distance to the state border, less then a mile!  So of course we had to take pictures!! :)

We are proof that we visited North & South Carolina!
 Trying to get some pictures with Sam on the swing outside!

My brothers!
Mini Golfing:
Top from left to right: Mom, Anthony Sam
Bottom from left to right: Grandpa, Drew & Me (Just got a whole in one!!)
Isn't the place we mini golfed at so pretty?!  Loved it!  I've never seen as many Mini Golf places as there was out there!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!:)

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