Friday, June 21, 2013

SC Vacation: Day Five

We woke up this morning and got ready to head to the beach!  We went to get some things for the beach before finally going over to the beach!  I only took one picture while on the beach, because I was busy jumping waves in the ocean, and sun tanning burning! (I left that morning with a sunburned back :(
I didn't care for getting all sandy at the beach or getting salt water in my mouth!  We spent about an hour and half at the beach before going back to the house and washing up.  Step grandparents were there by now so we got all cleaned up and then headed to go the boardwalk!
 It was such a pretty view!

We walked around and enjoy the sights and looking at the stores :)
 Dont ask me why i'm holding my hand like that!
 Does it get more beautiful?!

Then it was ICE CREAM time :)  We got our fair share of ice cream on this vacation!!
 Then before we left Sam & Drew had to go on the carousel!

 Sam enjoyed himself :) 
We went back to the house and grilled out for dinner and then when it had cooled off, we went mini golfing!  I will tell you I have never seen so many mini golf places in my life as there was out there!  CRAZY!  And so elaborate!
Doesn't it look pretty cool?

Mini golf pictures plus North & South Carolina border pictures that I forgot to post for Day four to come on Monday! :)

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