Thursday, June 20, 2013

SC Vacation: Day Four

This day our grandma had a doctors appointment in the morning so we just hung out, packed up stuff for the beach, and step dad & Anthony ran into town to use WiFi.  Around 2 or so step dad, mom, anthony, drew, sam & I headed to the beach!  Step grandparents were going to meet us the next morning. :)

 First sighting of the beach!!
Beautiful view!
View from the place we stayed!
Once we got luggage in we decided to go walk on the beach!

 Me on the beach for the first time!! :)


We collected some sea shells, then took them back to the car, before walking down the beach to find some place to eat dinner!
The view from the restaurant!
 We had a yummy dinner and there was a balloon guy there so of course we had to get some!  And ice cream :)  We eat a lot of ice cream on vacation!!

We saw this pretty thing someone had made on the walk back!

It was a great day!  We went in the pool before bed :)  We all went to bed excited to hit the beach in the morning!! :)

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