Monday, June 17, 2013

SC Vacation: Day One

We began the track to South Carolina on Saturday May 25th.  We were up at 4 in the morning and made it out of the house and on the road around 5am.  We stopped to get cinnamon rolls on the way and were on the interstate by 5:30am!
 Drew & Sam all comfy in the back!
 Love this angle & picture of Sam!
For lunch we stopped at Steak N Shake!!  I LOVE this place and was determined to go there!
So happy to see this sign!

There is the best place in the world, in my mind ;)
This is Sam's my sister is making me smile face! ;)
The car you get with kids meals!
The shakes are the best!!
Excuse how I look! 
 Sam likes it!
 Finish product!
Steak N Shake made Sam tired!  We were on the road agian after lunch!
We ran into a lot of rain on the first day of driving.  It was raining when we hit Saint Louis but we had to stop to get some pictures and look at the arch!  This is the view driving towards the arch!
 Right under the arch
 I can officially say I've the seen the arch!
Pretty view!
Bye bye arch!

My brothers <3
 The first day we drove 12 hours to Nashville and stayed the night there.  We got in around 7pm.
 Driving into Nashville

We stayed at a hotel over by Vanderbilt!
Right across the street from the stadium!

We grabbed dinner then it was time for bed!
Day two to come tomorrow :)

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