Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SC Vacation: Day Three

We spent the morning relaxing on our first morning in South Carolina!
Sam was very excited to ride grandpa's tractor!
 And he wanted his picture taken :)

Around lunch time the boys went into town to get some parts, so the girls plus Drew went to tour the town, see where the grandparents use to work (retired now), do a little shopping, and then stopped at Pizza Hut for lunch.  We hung out til it was time to go fishing!
 What a view!!  LOVE it!
 What a cutie :)
 Does it get any better then this?!
 The boys going fishing!

 Second boat ride I got in to take pictures and to say I was on the boat!

 Me on the boat :)
A little fisherman!


Once we got home we eat dinner and then time for bed again!

Day Four to come :)

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