Saturday, June 15, 2013

Week In Review

Monday -- I worked 12 to 6 and then went to my brother's baseball game.
Tuesday -- I took my brother to the doctor for his sports physical, i got a shot, we went to Burger King and waited forever to get our lunch, I worked 3:30 to 6, Went to Target and came out with way more then I needed! :)  And went to Sam's 7:30 baseball game!
Wednesday -- I hung out in the morning, worked 1 to 6, then went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner with Kayleen!  It was my first time and I did like it.  Then we stopped at Kohls on the way home!
Thursday -- I worked 10 to 4:30, then went to Drew's Baseball game.  We got Jimmy Johns on the way.  Then at the bottom of the 1st inning, drew was pitching and his second pitch in the player hit a grounder and it hit drew in the ankle.  He was out the rest of the game (After two days of resting it, it is a lot better and never got swollen)
Friday -- I had the day off!  I spent 10ish to 2ish at grandparents.  I helped them around the house, went grocery shopping with them, and we got Subway.  Then I came home and relaxed for the evening!  And watched a crazy storm come in!
Saturday -- I was up early to go to drew's baseball tournament and then 5 minutes before it was time to go it was cancelled due to rain!  We went to the grocery store, picked up flowers from the graves, and stopped at Dollar General!  So i did chores around house, walked up and down driveway twice, cleaned my room & worked on blog posts! :)
No clue what we will do tomorrow!  Hopefully we can go to Best Buy to get my camera checked out since it isn't working probably due to sand in it, might go to our grandparents or just stay home and cook out! :)

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