Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weekend Report & An Update

Happy Tuesday Wednesday! :)  I had this post all written out yesterday and then never got around to posting it, blogger fail!
I had a busy yet enjoyable weekend!!

Friday night when I got home from work we eat and then headed to drew's baseball game!  Game was 8pm to 10pm followed by a drama filled parents meeting!

Then Saturday my brother had a tournament.  He had a 1pm and 3pm games an hour away.  On the way home we grabbed food!

Sunday he had a 1pm game and they lost yet again so they were done.  After we got home, we went to go see my moms friend/use to work with her and her husband/the person who took my senior pictures baby boy!  He is about 3 weeks old, and i've been dying to meet baby Hunter!

I forgot how SMALL newborns are!  But boy did I enjoy every second of it and hope to see him a lot this summer before I go off to college :)

When we got home we eat dinner and then Kayleen picked me up & we went to Red Mango :)  Then we hit Walmart before going back to her house and we watched Silver Linings Playbook.  It definitely wasn't what I expected, but it was good!  By the time I got home it was past 11pm and time for bed!!

Yesterday all I did was pick my brother up from weight lifting, took him to a friends house, went to my dads, worked 12 to 6 and then went to my brothers 7pm parent meeting where parent/couch drama was finally resolved and they have their whole team back!  And then his 8pm game!

Today Yesterday I went to the doctor so my brother could get his sports physical and so I could get the Meningococcal shot that I hadn't gotten but needed for college!  Then I worked 3:30 to 6!  Then ran to target for new better flip flops & of course left with more then that :P  Then I went to sam's baseball game!

Not much else happening this week!  I work 1 to 6 tomorrow today & 10 to 6 on Thursday!  Friday as of now I have off and am going to try to go spend the day at my grandparents!  Then Saturday my brother has a tournament!

My life lately is just hanging out, taking my brother to weight lifting or baseball practices, and working!  Hopefully I will get up the vacation pictures before I go on vacation again in 2 weeks!  This time to Texas with Dad and brother for 5 days including travel!

PS go check out my guest post at Pagie's blog today!!

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