Friday, July 19, 2013

Five On Friday

Happy Friday!  I am linking up with Darci and others!

  1. I am babysitting a 2 month old tonight & i'm so excited!!  I can't tell you how much baby fever I have with everyone having babies!  I will enjoy every second of it! :)
  2. I work 8am to noon today & then met up with my Teammates mentor for lunch!  Have I told you have perfect today is?  It's a perfect day!!! :)
  3. This next week I am getting in a ton of hours at work!  A main teacher in my room is going on vacation so I am getting her hours!  I will be working 8 to 9 hour days every day of the week!
  4. Next weekend, the best friend & I are going on a little trip!  Her dad and brother are going to Kansas for a soccer trip so we are going to except in our own vehicle   We all will be staying at her grandparents!  It works out great as her parents will be happy to have one of them with us, but we will still get time just us.  And we will get to do what we want when we get there :)
  5. I will try my best to blog next week!  But if I don't  it's cause i'm so busy working!  Don't forget to follow me on Instagram (@ jamiec199)!
Have an amazing weekend!!! :D

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