Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One Month

One month from today will be my last day of work :(  

And that makes me so sad!  My last day will be a year and day after the day I started working!  

That day a month from today will be sooo hard for me!!  I don't think anyone could imagine going into a situation like working at a daycare how much you could love the kids, even when they are driving you crazy and making your day a rough day!  I am so attached to the kids, and not just the kids in my room, but also kids in other rooms.  There are some kids that will come into my room to give me hugs when it's time for them to leave.  I just love the kids so much, so it's so hard to think to say goodbye to them.  I was talking to one of the kids about it today and they asked me if I was in school and I said no I am done for the summer.  And I told the little boy that next year I will be going to a school an hour away.  And he asked me if I would still be coming to the daycare and I said no, but I would visit.  I think it will be sad for them too!  But already have made plans to work again for christmas and summer.  But I would have to say goodbye to my class of kids no matter what as they will be attending Kindergarten in the fall! :(

This was way long, but I think you get the point of it! 
One Month :(

Happy Tuesday!

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