Wednesday, July 17, 2013

perfect weekend

I don't know about you, but i had a great weekend!!  Friday I worked 7am to 12:30pm.  Once I got off work, I went to my moms, got my brother & we went to Arby's for lunch! :)  Then we went to Dad's.  Dad got home shortly after and we did some much needing chores including my brother washing my car, my dad washing the kitchen floor & me washing my bathroom floor!  I ended my Friday with watching I Dont Know How She Does It.  It was a great movie and I was in bed by 9pm!  Two early mornings wore me out!!!

Saturday my dad went into the work in the morning and I just hanged out.  Then I was talking to my best friend on FB and we decided to go shopping!  I picked her up about 1pm and we went to Target first.  My dad gave me money to buy some new things for my bathroom (well my brother's bathroom too but I am the one who uses it the most!)  

We got a new inside the tub curtain, new rug & a thing you attach inside your kitchen sink to hold sponges.  

And then since we were right by a Red Mango we HAD to stop! (we LOVE Red Mango so made an excuse to stop!)

Then we decided to stop at Gordmans to see if they had an college comfordales.  We didn't find any we liked but Kayleen found a wallet & I found a wallet and purse! :)  I love long strap purses (the only ones I will use) and I loved how this one has so much more room then my other one!  (So much room I have to dig to find things!)  

Then we went to a outdoor mall.  Stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond and I ended up finding a comforter for college!

Then we decided to stop by Old Navy & Pier one imports just to look.  Then I convinced Kayleen to get dinner since it was 5pm and I was hungry!  We stopped by Bath & Body works so I could get a foaming soap for the bathroom and then headed to the grocery store!  (The whole reason for the trip :p )  We got back to my dad's about 8pm and hung out til 11pm! :)  It was a great day with my best friend!!! :) 

Sunday I was lazy til 1pm.  I showered and ran to Dollar General for a few forgotten things.  Then I hung up 2 bulletin boards, cleaned my room, ate dinner, made muffins, watched TV & went to bed!

Monday I got called in to work 9am to 6pm.  I wasn't in my room, but worked with Kayleen all day and i really loved it!  She bought us Jimmy Johns for lunch! :)  Yum!!
After work we went to get pedi/mani's and my nails really needed it!

Ignore that we don't look the best, it was after a long day of working!!
Pretty nails!

Happy Wednesday!! :)

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