Monday, July 1, 2013

Some Randoms

Hello everyone & happy Monday!! :)  Or as happy as a Monday can be ;)  

We made it back home around 10pm last night!  It was a good trip and a long ride home but we are home so all is good! :) 
Sunset on drive home
We met family, visited with family, went to Hurricane Harbor (water park), attended a cousins wedding, saw some of Texas, and hung out in the Texas heat!

Today I will be getting back into the routine of life!  While I was gone, the daycare I work at moved into our new building!  So today I will get to also see and be in the new building for the first time!!  Typically Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday and then Thursday we will celebrate the Fourth and then this weekend is brothers last baseball games, State tournament!!

Vacation recap will be up soon!  
Have a great week everyone!! :)

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