Friday, July 12, 2013

Update On Bucket List

An update on my before college bucket list!  I have a lot to do!!  Hopefully another update soon that will have more things DONE!

  • Go to J cupcakes (not naming restaurant)  Have yet to :(
  • Go to G cupckaes (not naming restaurant) Have yet to :(
  • Go through clothing I have started this!
  • Give away never wear clothing or things that don't fit Gone through these clothing at dads just have to give it away.
  • Go on a trip with Kayleen In the planning of happening this month :)
  • Go dorm room shopping  Got time for this!
  • Go clothing shopping (x3) DONE
  • Go to Chipotle Have yet to :(
  • Go to Ho-Hot Have yet to :(
  • Organize room at both house (Throw away any junk)  I have started this!
  • Go to Cheesecake Factory  Have yet to :(
  • Take Kayleen to Olive Garden  Have yet to :(
  • Go to Funplex with friends  Have yet to :(
  • Go to Coco Keys with friends  Have yet to :(
  • Wash car, deep clean inside of car  Have yet to :(
  • Go to Chick-Fil-A DONE
  • Bike ride at Monohey  Have yet to :(
  • Have sleepovers with Kayleen (x5)  Only once but not our faults!
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