Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weekend Getaway With The Best Friend (Part Two)

We got up around 8am on Saturday morning.  Kayleen's dad, siblings & grandpa were already at her brother's soccer game.  Her grandma made us breakfast, and then we got ready to go drive a 20 minute drive to Legends outlet mall!
We got there around 11am.  We walked around to see what all was there before we went to Five Guys burger place for lunch.  I've never been there!
I found out that just a burger fills you and they give you tons of fries!  That was all the fries I had left!!
Then we went around to all the stores & shopped!  Including Kayleens favorite place the shoe store!  We took some funny pics and enjoyed taking them!!

Waiting at one of the stores!
The crazy line we waited in for Kayleen to get some stuff!
 They had a deck that overlooked everything!

Love this picture!!
After we had been to all the shops, we headed back to our vechile.  Well we should have remembered our parking spot better, because we spent 30 minutes looking for our vechile in the same 2 parking lots to finally find it in a parking lot father to the right!!
 How we felt after this!!!
Atleast we got our excercise!!!  We then killed some time at Target before meeting up with Kayleens family for dinner at a steak house!

 After dinner we found Kayleens tire low so we went to Sam's to get it looked at it and killed time in Sams.  After went back to her grandparents and swam in their pool!  We had more laughs and a good time!  We dealt with another spider and stayed up til midnight laughing and talking!
 Sunday we slept in til 10am and then ate a donut, hanged out, ate lunch & visited Kayleen's great grandma before getting on the road about 3pm.  We stopped at Walmart in town before going back to Kayleen's house.  We got home after 6pm.  I ate dinner at her house before getting home around 8pm!
One last picture after spending a great weekend trip with my BFF!

SO glad we got to go on a trip together, but sad it's over already!!  I'm really going to miss seeing her everyday in college :(

Happy Wednesday & last day of July.  That's crazy, huh?!?!!

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