Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weekend Getaway With My Best Friend (Part One)

I spent the weekend with my best friend!! :)

Friday I worked 7am to 4:30pm & Kayleen worked 8am to 5:30pm.  After I got off work I went home, changed, packed & got ready to go.  Kayleen picked me up around 5:45 and we went back to her house to eat dinner (her family ordered Pizza) and loaded the car.  Kayleen's whole family went to Kansas expect her mom.  Her brother had a soccer tournament that weekend so we went with and did our own thing!  
My Chauffeur ;)
Her dad and 2 brothers were in their car and me & kayleen drove in her car along with her sister.  
Her sister was sleeping & on her ipod the whole time so it was like it was just us! :)  We left a little before 7 and got to her grandparents a little before 10.  
We got stuff into our rooms & then me and kayleen drove to Sonic to get shakes to celebrate our weekend trip!
After a long day of work & a car ride!!
Awkward gas shop bathroom picture that Kayleen's sister took!
At Sonic :)

We stayed up til 2am laughing, talking, kayleen freaking out and screaming over a spider, and enjoying each others company! :)

Part Two to come! :)  
Happy Tuesday!!

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