Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Where I'm At In Life

The point in this post is to document where I am in my life now.  Why now?  Because in 51 days my life will be changing dramatically. 
Not that I am counting the days or anything.  52 days til my 18th birthday if you were wondering ;) 

This last year of my life has been really good.  Really good.  I'm probably at one of the happiest period of times in my life.  I have graduated high school, I have a job that I love that gives me enough balance between working and relaxing, I have been able to hang out with my best friend more, I am enjoying the summer before college.  
Which is flying by, i mean it's JULY already.  Wasn't it just the end of May?  

College is coming fast and it is definitely starting to feel more real.  First it was orientation at the beginning of June and now it's finding out who my roommate is! now just waiting for her to get back to me!  I know that this next month will FLY by.  Before I know it I will be having my last day at the daycare I already know saying goodbye to some great coworkers and kids that I am attached to will be real tough but lets now think about that yet ;)  And I will be packing up all my stuff two rooms of stuff! I will be meeting a bunch of people, getting use to sharing a room with a roommate, attending my first day of college classes & be a college student!

So life right now is really good and i'm happy.  Being happy and confident in yourself is the best feeling! :)  So here's to enjoying the next 50 days of summer til the next huge change in life happens! :)

Happy Tuesday!!  

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