Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dorm Room Tour

Here is pictures of my new home!!  I love that I got such a big room! :)

 My roomie & me!
 View from door
 Closet behind curtain

 View from my window!

Happy Wednesday!! :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Moved In & New Friends

Wow!!  It's been a crazy, busy, fun, amazing 4 days!!

Going into college my biggest fear was if I would make friends.  I really tried to be freindly with everyone & get to know kids in my Orientation group/LAR class people and I just gotta say I LOVE my group, such an amazing group!  We have a freshman type of tip class together, but also were all in the same Orientation group.  

I'm loving college and just wanted to update the blog so everyone knows i'm moved in!!
First day of classes today! :)

Happy Monday!!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Can't Believe

Yes, another college post.  Yes, that's the only thing on my mind!  Wouldn't it be the same for you?!

Tomorrow I leave my routine, my typical days, everything that is so ordinary and comfortable.  I leave my family and friends.  

I go to a new place.  My new home from 8 of the 12 months for 4 years.  I'll have to meet new friends, get use to this new place, deal with the distance from friends and family, get into a new routine.  

Meeting new friends is the scariest part.  I don't know if my roommate and me will get along or become friends or become haters.  

All this change is so scary, yet so exciting.  My rooms are mostly packed and look so wierd now.  I am about to embark on this new scary, crazy adventure called college!  

So tomorrow, I move into college.  Please be keeping me in your thoughts & prayers for a smooth transition and a great start to this new beginning.  
(i apologize for the possible lack of blogging for the next few days as i am busy with orientation and classes starting!)  

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Final Bucket List Update

  • Go to J cupcakes (not naming restaurant)  Never went! :(
  • Go to G cupckaes (not naming restaurant) Never went, but had some at work!
  • Go through clothing DONE
  • Give away never wear clothing or things that don't fit DONE
  • Go on a trip with Kayleen DONE
  • Go dorm room shopping  DONE
  • Go clothing shopping (x3) DONE
  • Go to Chipotle Didn't happen
  • Go to Ho-Hot Didn't happen
  • Organize room at both house (Throw away any junk) DONE
  • Go to Cheesecake Factory  Didn't happen
  • Take Kayleen to Olive Garden  Didn't happen
  • Go to Funplex with friends  Didn't happen
  • Go to Coco Keys with friends  Didn't happen
  • Wash car, deep clean inside of car DONE
  • Go to Chick-Fil-A DONE
  • Bike ride at Monohey  Didn't happen
  • Have sleepovers with Kayleen (x5)  Only once but not our faults!

  • Didn't get all of them, but did the most important thing AKA by trip with Kayleen!

    Monday, August 19, 2013

    Weekend Wrap Up

    Happy Monday! :)

    Friday was my last day at work :(

    Saturday was a busy day!  I went with my mom to here 9:30am hair appointment and then we went to Target to get me school supplies.  We then stopped for lunch and got groceries.  A few hours later Drew, Sam & I got haircuts and mom got a few things at the mall.  I got all my split ends cut off and got 3 inches off even though it wasn't much, because of my split ends!!

    We went out Saturday night to Olive Garden for my birthday dinner since I will be in college on my actual birthday!  When we got home I opened my presents! :)

    I got a scarf hanger, which I love, some headbands, some Origami Owl charms & earnings.  

    Sunday was spent cleaning & packing up my room!

    Today I went to Target and cleaned and packed my room at dads! :)

    Sunday, August 18, 2013

    August Sunday Social

    Linking up for Sunday Social!
    Sunday Social

    1. What is something you’ve always wanted to do but are afraid of?
    Helicopter ride!  Sounds like fun, but I don't like heights!!

    2. Where do you see yourself in five years?  
    I will be 22, days away from 23.  I see myself graduated from college, going into my 2nd year of teaching at a school, hopefully in a serious relationship & living in an apartment or townhome.

    3. What are you looking forward to before the end of 2013?
    Moving into college in 4 days!!

    4. What are your hopes for your blog?
    That people read it, and enjoy reading it.  That I gain more readers and people get something out of my blog!!

    5. Do you always see yourself living in your current town/city?
    No :(  I will be moving out of it for college and it will be really hard to find a teaching job here when I graduate so I will probably won't live here forever.

    6. What is your morning routine?
    I'll do what it was for work, when I had to work at 8am like last week.
    Wake up at 6:45am.
    Check phone, facebook, instagram, ect.
    Shower, get dressed.
    Eat breakfast
    Pack lunch, fill waterbottle, get ready to go
    Leave by 7:45

    Friday, August 16, 2013

    Last Day Of Work

    I can NOT believe I am writing about my LAST day of work!!! :(

    When I start a year ago I never imagined how attached I would get to the kids, how much I would love my job (most of the time), and how much I would enjoy all the staff and make friends.  I've already had to say goodbye to most of 'my' kids as they started kindergarten and one by one had their last day of daycare.  A few I still get to see today, as they are doing after school care.  So today I will say goodbye to those kids and all the other kids that have touched my heart and also my 'favs'.  Saying goodbye to my 'favs' will probably be the hardest.  I really can't believe how fast this year has gone by.

    I don't want to say goodbye to the adorable sweet kids and my amazing coworkers!  I'm so sad, but thankful I will be able to come back and work during breaks and definitely next summer!!

    Today will definitely will be a sad day of saying goodbye to the people I work with and the kids!  But it also marks this new chapter that is approaching!  Less then a week til move in day!

    Happy FRIDAY!:)

    Thursday, August 15, 2013

    Happy First Day Of School

    Happy First Day of School to my brothers!!

    I may not be going to school today but I'm working a 9 hour day!!  My second to last day of school too :(

    And here is a little throwback Thursday!!!! :)
    Happy Thursday!

    Monday, August 12, 2013

    New Beginnings

    So just going to apologize if all these post about college, sadness, nervousness and excitement about the new chapter ahead of me.  It's definitely something that is on my mind 24-7 and I think it's important to record my feelings going into this big new adventure. 
    With Kayleen moved into college, it really hits home how this chapter of my life, high school, is over.  And a new chapter or beginning is starting, college.  

    It's hard to be okay 100% about it because you don't know if your friendship will continue or is strong enough to handle the distance.  You can only hope that you have built a strong friendship to handle it!  I already miss her like crazy!
    It's hard for me to want this chapter in my life to end.  Because i've gotten into a great routine and am really happy with my life.  But i'm hopefully something even better will be awaiting me at college.  
    I just have to be hopefully and open this new chapter in my life with open arms! :)

    So there is another late night thoughts post for you all!  I want to say it will be the last for awhile, but with my last day of work approaching and moving into college, i know there will be more of these!

    Thanks if you read this whole post, and leave any college tips for me below!!

    Sunday, August 11, 2013


    Today my best friend moves into her dorm room.  It's a very surreal day to me.  Yes we graduated and picked out colleges and bought things for our dorms.  But it's surreal that we really are moving to different cities to attend college.  It's starting to feel real.  Like wow, we really are going to college.  Away from our family and friends.  

    For the last like 2 years we have talked about college.  What colleges we want to apply for, what colleges to visit, what colleges to consider, what college we want to attend.  Everything has been about college and now we really are going away to college.  It really is surreal and is hitting me now that Kayleen is going off to college.

    College is in some ways a new beginning.  New faces, new friends, new everything.  It's so exciting, but also sad and nerve racking.  Will I make new friends?  Will I have good grades?  Will I do good in my classes?  Will I spend my money wisely?  Will I enjoy college?  I have been in the same routine of going to school & working for so long that it is nerve racking to leave behind the routine and have to make a new routine and face all the unknowns.  

    This week is my last week at work.  And that's sad.  I've already had to say bye to some off 'my kids' as they had their last day of daycare before kindergarten.  It's been really sad!  And Friday I will have to say goodbye to the rest of the kids in other rooms that have become attached to me and me attached to them.  I get treary eyed just thinking about it.  Goodbye to amazing coworkers.  Goodbye to everything i've known for the last year.

    Everything is feeling surreal.  In 11 days I will be moving into college, and that's just crazy.  With Kayleen moving in today it is making things real.

    This got longer and changed topics as I wrote it, but I do enjoy sometimes doing posts like this.  It gets all my thoughts out.  Tons of things are going through my head currently.  So bravo to any of you that made it through this post!!

    Happy Sunday :)  

    Friday, August 9, 2013

    5 on Friday

    A little late, but atleast I got a blog post in this week!! :)

    1. I had a crazy busy week!  I worked from 8am to 5:30 pretty much everyday!  Besides Thursday when I went to the dentist & so I worked at 11am.  No cavities, wohoo!
    2. This upcoming week will be my last week of work :(  It will also be another crazy full of hours week at work!  Sadly I won't be in my room for the week :(  I'm already had to say goodbye to lot's of my kids who had their last days before they start school and it's so sad!!  Friday I will say bye to the rest of the kids in other rooms & my coworkers!
    3. School starts on Thursday in my town and for my brothers!  I just laugh at them since I don't move in for a week after that!  Summer FLEW BY!!!!!!!
    4. My brother starts High School on Thursday!  That is crazy to me!:)
    5. I feel like I have so much to do!  I will only have Saturday (August 17th) through Wednesday (August 21st) that I wont be working to get everything packed & ready to go to college!  I will have the house to myself as everyone will be at school & work so hopefully lots can be done! :)
    Have an awesome weekend!! :)

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