Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Can't Believe

Yes, another college post.  Yes, that's the only thing on my mind!  Wouldn't it be the same for you?!

Tomorrow I leave my routine, my typical days, everything that is so ordinary and comfortable.  I leave my family and friends.  

I go to a new place.  My new home from 8 of the 12 months for 4 years.  I'll have to meet new friends, get use to this new place, deal with the distance from friends and family, get into a new routine.  

Meeting new friends is the scariest part.  I don't know if my roommate and me will get along or become friends or become haters.  

All this change is so scary, yet so exciting.  My rooms are mostly packed and look so wierd now.  I am about to embark on this new scary, crazy adventure called college!  

So tomorrow, I move into college.  Please be keeping me in your thoughts & prayers for a smooth transition and a great start to this new beginning.  
(i apologize for the possible lack of blogging for the next few days as i am busy with orientation and classes starting!)  

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