Monday, August 26, 2013

Moved In & New Friends

Wow!!  It's been a crazy, busy, fun, amazing 4 days!!

Going into college my biggest fear was if I would make friends.  I really tried to be freindly with everyone & get to know kids in my Orientation group/LAR class people and I just gotta say I LOVE my group, such an amazing group!  We have a freshman type of tip class together, but also were all in the same Orientation group.  

I'm loving college and just wanted to update the blog so everyone knows i'm moved in!!
First day of classes today! :)

Happy Monday!!!

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Justin and Marcie said...

I'm so glad you're loving it! College is such a special time and even though 4 years seems like a lifetime, it will fly by so quickly. Enjoy every minute!

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