Sunday, August 11, 2013


Today my best friend moves into her dorm room.  It's a very surreal day to me.  Yes we graduated and picked out colleges and bought things for our dorms.  But it's surreal that we really are moving to different cities to attend college.  It's starting to feel real.  Like wow, we really are going to college.  Away from our family and friends.  

For the last like 2 years we have talked about college.  What colleges we want to apply for, what colleges to visit, what colleges to consider, what college we want to attend.  Everything has been about college and now we really are going away to college.  It really is surreal and is hitting me now that Kayleen is going off to college.

College is in some ways a new beginning.  New faces, new friends, new everything.  It's so exciting, but also sad and nerve racking.  Will I make new friends?  Will I have good grades?  Will I do good in my classes?  Will I spend my money wisely?  Will I enjoy college?  I have been in the same routine of going to school & working for so long that it is nerve racking to leave behind the routine and have to make a new routine and face all the unknowns.  

This week is my last week at work.  And that's sad.  I've already had to say bye to some off 'my kids' as they had their last day of daycare before kindergarten.  It's been really sad!  And Friday I will have to say goodbye to the rest of the kids in other rooms that have become attached to me and me attached to them.  I get treary eyed just thinking about it.  Goodbye to amazing coworkers.  Goodbye to everything i've known for the last year.

Everything is feeling surreal.  In 11 days I will be moving into college, and that's just crazy.  With Kayleen moving in today it is making things real.

This got longer and changed topics as I wrote it, but I do enjoy sometimes doing posts like this.  It gets all my thoughts out.  Tons of things are going through my head currently.  So bravo to any of you that made it through this post!!

Happy Sunday :)  

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