Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday! :)

Friday was my last day at work :(

Saturday was a busy day!  I went with my mom to here 9:30am hair appointment and then we went to Target to get me school supplies.  We then stopped for lunch and got groceries.  A few hours later Drew, Sam & I got haircuts and mom got a few things at the mall.  I got all my split ends cut off and got 3 inches off even though it wasn't much, because of my split ends!!

We went out Saturday night to Olive Garden for my birthday dinner since I will be in college on my actual birthday!  When we got home I opened my presents! :)

I got a scarf hanger, which I love, some headbands, some Origami Owl charms & earnings.  

Sunday was spent cleaning & packing up my room!

Today I went to Target and cleaned and packed my room at dads! :)

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