Monday, September 30, 2013

The Distance

My biggest fear going to college was if me and my best friend would stay close.  I really didn't want to lose that friendship and that was such a scary thought!

So far, we have been staying close if not getting closer!!  Skype is a life saver! :)  I don't know what I would do without it!!  Once sometimes twice a week we will skype!  They are all at least an hour..this past Friday we skyped for 2 hours!!!  Lots to talk about :)

I'm so thankful I can stay close to my best friend even while we are 2 hours apart!  And every time we are together, we cherish that time more!!

Distance may be hard, but it can bring you closer :)

"No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth."

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Life Update

This will be a kinda random post!

  • I am now working at a daycare.  It is through works study, but it is off campus at a daycare!  The past week and this week has been training!  This daycare is definitely different than my last daycare, but i'm definitely enjoying it!!  Between teaching at Sunday school last year, a daycare for a year, and now this daycare, I can say how much I love it & love kids!!
  • I'm really happy that I went home last weekend!  It was a great weekend & I enjoyed it so much!  This weekend I plan to spend lots of time with friends from my floor, i'm excited :)
  • I'm just spending my days going to classes, doing homework, working, spending some times with friends, and having some quiet alone time!! :)
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Leave what I should blog suggestions below!
Happy Wednesday :) 

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The Hump Day Blog Hop

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Insert Deep Post

Quite the title, right?!  I really feel in the mood for more of a deep type of post today.  Why?  I don't know...somedays I just got a lot on my mind and feel like getting it all out on paper.  It makes me feel better, and it's good to change up the type of posts every so often!!

So here I am...Sitting in a quiet room, what happens to be my floors lounge...with just some Pandora Top Country Radio playing, my feet up, on my laptop in a comfy chair with water next to me...A feel random people from my floor that walk by who I can see through the 2 next to door windows.

Can you picture it?  Can you tell I had to type a descriptive paper earlier?  Moving on..

When I started college I don't know what I thought it was going to be like.  I was anxiously excited with a little bit of nerves.  But here I am, a month and 2 days after I moved in.  On my fifth week of classes.  I have survived 2 exams..which I must say college tests/grading is so much different then high school tests/grading.  I definitely didn't do the greatest, I'm pretty sure to getting 87 percents or higher so these lower grades scare me.  But that is a whole other post..

But here I am.  In this first month, I have experience a lot.  Gaining a group of friends just like that, easy peezy lemon breezy!  We enjoyed some great times those first days of just orientation and no classes.  I am very thankful for those times, I really needed and enjoyed that!  But then classes hit, boom!  And things changed, more then I think I ever thought.

Now we have all these different schedules...different class times, sports and activities.  We were all hit with how to spend our time.  Time for classes, sports/activities, homework, some me time and time for friends and/or fun.  I will admit those first few days I felt stressed...I felt the need for that all important (maybe too important) schedule.  I definitely have that kinda schedule thing down now thankfully.  But those friend time we all had then, we didn't have anymore.  I really tried to find it, a time for us all to hang out.  But after days of that not happening I got really frustrated.  I wished I could have time for us all...but it didn't happened.

So I started hanging out with 3 people from my floor that at the beginning if you would of told me they were going to be my friends, I would have said no way!  Same as the group I talked about earlier, but even more so with this group.  It started off as just one girl I would hang out with when my group was busy.  But slowly it turned into her and 2 other girls from my floor.  We started to hang out in our free time (which was more at times then the other group) and I started to grow friendships with all three of them.

And now they are my closes friends.  I love each of them.  I have had some crazy fun times with them.  I definitely think and hope we will all grow closer over the year and stay friends throughout college and beyond!

I guess it just goes to show you that God has plans for you, that you may never see coming.  But I'm so thankful that God put these girls in my life!!  Just last night I was laying in a hammock with one of the girls just laughing and having a good time.  Moments like those are priceless.  SO SO SO Thankful for those reminders!

So yes this post was very random, kinda all over the place, and deep at times.  If you have made it this far, then thank you!

*Brought to you by the random thoughts in my head this afternoon*

Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend At Home

I went home for the weekend and I'm so glad that I did!!  I had a great weekend, so here is a weekend recap! :)

Friday I left the college around 12:55pm, went to moms to get old daycare shirt & made it to dads by 2:30.  I ended up calling my exboss on Thursday to see if she needed any help on Friday since it was the high schools homecoming, i wanted to see everyone & I had to stop by anyways.  So I ended up working 3:30 to 6pm (working at the daycare wasn't the same, post to come on that).  And then I went to my moms for dinner & to hang out.  I left around 9pm, went home and went to bed!  Sleeping in my own bed was AWESOME and I slept so wonderfully!!

Saturday I had a lazy morning and then we left a little after noon to head to the Husker football game!!  I'll let the pics do the talking for that!

Sunday I got to go to Red Mango and Target with Kayleen & her sister :)  And then I stopped by a family friends house to get a reference letter & see their adorable, growing fast 4 month old! :)  And then I stop by each house before finally leaving around 6:30 and getting back to school a little before 8pm!
Hope you also had a great weekend!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Five On Friday

Happy Friday!  I am so happy that Friday is FINALLY here!!  Wohoo!

  1. I am going home for the weekend, i'm so excited!!  I miss my family! 
  2. I have an exciting weekend planned, i'm so happy and excited about this!!
  3. I survived my first 2 College exams, wohoo!
  4. Do you ever feel like you clean, just for everything to get all messy again?  I feel this way every day!!!
  5. I can't decide what new phone to get.  Suggestions?
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tuesday Day In The Life

Here is a day in the life of my Tuesday!!  

7:10AM -- Alarm goes off, I'm slow to get up this morning!  Couldn't fall asleep last night!!
7:10-7:30 -- Check phone, go to the bathroom, get dressed (rainy day so yoga pants & a sweatshirt it is!), did hair, put earrings & watch on, went to bathroom to put contacts in 
7:30-7:50 -- Eat breakfast in room, got ready to go & headed to 8am Class
8AM-9:15Am -- Ethics Class
9:15AM -- Head out in the rain, grabbed a smoothie & bagel from coffee place & head back to the drom
9:30AM-10:40 -- Relaxing time!  Watched youtube videos & one of my TV shows
10:40 -- Head to class
11AM-11:40AM -- Writing class!  Got out early, like we always do :P  Technically suppose to go til 12:15PM! 
11:40-12:15PM -- Back to dorm, picked up room & then headed to lunch with friends
12:15-12:50PM -- Lunch
12:50-2:20PM -- Took online Science quiz, watched another Youtube video, read blogs, wrote this post
2:30-3:45PM -- Freshman seminar class!
3:50-6:10PM -- Random stuff, including filling out daycare paperwork.
6:10-6:40PM -- Dinner with friends
7PM-9PM -- Hung out in a friends room
9PM -- Showered
9:20-10PM -- Hung out for awhile before finally heading to bed

And there is a somewhat typical Tuesday for you!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I'm still here!!!

I have not been the best blogger lately, between being busy or not knowing what to blog about!!  I'm super excited to be getting an updated blog look soon so hopefully that will get me to blog more!  So here are some random bullet points for your Tuesday!

  1. If you haven't already, go read my Monday/Wednesday/Friday's day of the life!  Get a glimpse of what those days are like!  I am doing a Tuesday/Thursday day of the life today, hopefully will be up tomorrow!
  2. If you like baby names, go check out my baby name blog!!  Lot's of changes are coming to it! :)
  3. If my life wasn't busy enough, I now have a work study job!  It is at a local daycare, imagine me wanting to work with kids ;)  I'm super excited about it!  It is an on call position so I won't have a set schedule, but with my M/W/F afternoons being opened I should get a decent about of hours!!  I went in yesterday to get paperwork, take a tour, and set up training time.  I have to train in each room, so tomorrow afternoon I will have my first training.  Wish me luck!! :)  Next week I'll have training in other rooms.
  4. Since college has started, i've been in more pain then normal! :P  First I discovered a canker sore in back of my mouth that food was scratching causing lots of pain.  Had my first trip to the nurse within the first couple weeks!  And then Friday my eye started hurting, no clue what was wrong with it but the pain finally went away after wearing my classes a couple days.
  5. Skype has been my best friend!  I've skyped Sam & my mom twice and Kayleen multiple times!  So thankful for it!!
  6. And Finally, I am going home this weekend!  Super excited!!  I'm going to Husker game on Saturday so good excuse for a weekend trip home :)
Have a great rest of the week! :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

College Day In The Life

I wanted to do an up to date Day in the life!  Now that I am in the swing of college!
MONDAY Day In The Life
7:08AM -- Alarm clock goes off.  I get up, check my phone, grab my room keys & go to the bathroom.
7:15AM-7:20/7:25ish -- I get back to the room, turn my lamp on, get dressed, put my earings & watch on, do my hair, and then grab my contact stuff and go to the bathroom.
7:20AM -- I go to the bathroom to put my contacts in and then head back to the room
7:25-7:40 -- I eat breakfast (normally a packet of mini muffins & water), while i eat I normally check Facebook, Instagram, and maybe watch a short YouTube video
7:40 -- I go brush my teeth and get ready to leave
7:50 -- I head to class
8AM-9:50AM -- Biology class!
10AM-- I am back in the room.  Typically I will have a snack & check social media and watch youtube videos
10:50AM -- I head to Pyschology
11AM-11:50AM -- Psychology 
11:50 -- I head to lunch.  Either get cafeteria food or food from the grill place on campus.  Meet up with friends 
12:30 -- I am back to the room and done with classes 
My afternoons are filled with things that need done on Mon/Wed/Friday' was Monday the 9th day
1PM -- Line for lunch was long so didn't get back to room til 1.  After lunch I checked my mailbox & got an enevelope for something I had to mail.  I checked a few things before going to another dorm to give a friend a bday card, ended up running into a friend on way over and had a nice talk.  Then I drove to my work study daycare to turn in a paper.
1:30PM -- I came back to the room and started reading my 70 pages that were due Tuesday
2:20PM -- Took a quick break to go turn in a tutoring sheet & mail my letter with a friend
2:40PM -- Came back and finished reading
4PM -- I attempted to work on a biology lab homework and did some picking up of the room
4:30PM -- Went over to a friends room for a bit
4:45PM -- Went downstairs and printed out Biology notes, came back and took a quiz
5-5:40 -- Just hung out, watched Youtube videos, read blogs & started blogging this
5:40 -- Met friends for dinner
6:10 -- Got back to the room & chilled with friends for a few
6:25 -- Everyone had stuff going on so I just went back to my room and chilled.  Most days I try to get my homework done before dinner so the evenings can be spent with friends.  
6:30-8 -- I watched youtube videos & one of my shows I hadn't seen online.  Everyone was busy so I had a lazy evening
8-- I showered
8:30-9:30 -- played cards with friends
9:30 -- Early bedtime and it felt soo good!

My evening was a little different then normal, but you pretty see what my days are like on Monday & Wednesdays!  Fridays are about the same but after my 11am class I have been going to my grandparents to get some things done.  I am hoping to do another day in the life for Tuesday or Thursday as those days are totally different!! :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fall Sunday Social

Happy Sunday! :)
Sunday Social

1. What is your favorite fall activity?
Watching football!

2. Do you follow a football team?
Go Big Red!! (Nebraska Huskers)

3. What is something fun about fall in your area?
Just how pretty outside is!

4. What are your favorite fall staple outfits?
Scarfs, boots & layers!!!

5. What things are you looking forward to most about this coming fall season?
Enjoy how beautiful I know campus will look!

6. What is your favorite fall holiday? Tradition?
Thanksgiving!  Getting to see all my family and eat yummy good!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Look at me, actually blogging!!  I really want to get back to blogging daily, but i'm in my first weeks of college and just trying to fit everything in and honestly it hasn't been the easiest at times!  So please bare with me while I try to find time for blogging :)

I got to go home for the 3 day weekend!  My last class Friday got done at 11:50am.  I meet up with friends for lunch and then headed to my room, grabbed my stuff, and was out of here!  My first stop was my grandparents, and to get a new phone.  Long story short, I am going to wait for a new phone.  Then I head home and stopped at the daycare on the way! :)  I was so happy to see everyone!!

Saturday I went with my mom to lunch with my grandma and two aunts for my grandma's birthday.  Then my mom needed a few things so we went to the mall.  When we got home we grilled burgers & then watched the husker football game!! :)  GO BIG RED! :)

Sunday was a lazy day!

Monday AKA Labor Day I met up with Kayleen at 9:30 and we spent the day shopping & went out to lunch.  I got back around 3 and hung out till 3:40 when I headed back to school!
I hope everyone had a great labor day weekend too! :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer Sunday Social

Linking up with Neely & Ashley!!
Sunday Social

1. What was your favorite trip/vacation/activity this summer?
I really enjoyed all 3 trips I took this summer, but of course the trip with my best friend was my favorite! :)

2. What was your favorite outfit look/clothing item of the summer?
Not really an outfit, but loved/loving flower headbands!! :)

3. What is one thing you wish you’d gotten to do this summer?
To go to our old market!  DIdn't have time for it! :(

4. What was your favorite song of the summer?
Don't Ya by Brett Eldredge!

5. What was your favorite movie/tv show of the summer?
Safe Haven it came out in May so gonna count that :P

Happy Sunday!! :)  Enjoy the long weekend!

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