Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I'm still here!!!

I have not been the best blogger lately, between being busy or not knowing what to blog about!!  I'm super excited to be getting an updated blog look soon so hopefully that will get me to blog more!  So here are some random bullet points for your Tuesday!

  1. If you haven't already, go read my Monday/Wednesday/Friday's day of the life!  Get a glimpse of what those days are like!  I am doing a Tuesday/Thursday day of the life today, hopefully will be up tomorrow!
  2. If you like baby names, go check out my baby name blog!!  Lot's of changes are coming to it! :)
  3. If my life wasn't busy enough, I now have a work study job!  It is at a local daycare, imagine me wanting to work with kids ;)  I'm super excited about it!  It is an on call position so I won't have a set schedule, but with my M/W/F afternoons being opened I should get a decent about of hours!!  I went in yesterday to get paperwork, take a tour, and set up training time.  I have to train in each room, so tomorrow afternoon I will have my first training.  Wish me luck!! :)  Next week I'll have training in other rooms.
  4. Since college has started, i've been in more pain then normal! :P  First I discovered a canker sore in back of my mouth that food was scratching causing lots of pain.  Had my first trip to the nurse within the first couple weeks!  And then Friday my eye started hurting, no clue what was wrong with it but the pain finally went away after wearing my classes a couple days.
  5. Skype has been my best friend!  I've skyped Sam & my mom twice and Kayleen multiple times!  So thankful for it!!
  6. And Finally, I am going home this weekend!  Super excited!!  I'm going to Husker game on Saturday so good excuse for a weekend trip home :)
Have a great rest of the week! :)

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