Tuesday, September 10, 2013

College Day In The Life

I wanted to do an up to date Day in the life!  Now that I am in the swing of college!
MONDAY Day In The Life
7:08AM -- Alarm clock goes off.  I get up, check my phone, grab my room keys & go to the bathroom.
7:15AM-7:20/7:25ish -- I get back to the room, turn my lamp on, get dressed, put my earings & watch on, do my hair, and then grab my contact stuff and go to the bathroom.
7:20AM -- I go to the bathroom to put my contacts in and then head back to the room
7:25-7:40 -- I eat breakfast (normally a packet of mini muffins & water), while i eat I normally check Facebook, Instagram, and maybe watch a short YouTube video
7:40 -- I go brush my teeth and get ready to leave
7:50 -- I head to class
8AM-9:50AM -- Biology class!
10AM-- I am back in the room.  Typically I will have a snack & check social media and watch youtube videos
10:50AM -- I head to Pyschology
11AM-11:50AM -- Psychology 
11:50 -- I head to lunch.  Either get cafeteria food or food from the grill place on campus.  Meet up with friends 
12:30 -- I am back to the room and done with classes 
My afternoons are filled with things that need done on Mon/Wed/Friday's...here was Monday the 9th day
1PM -- Line for lunch was long so didn't get back to room til 1.  After lunch I checked my mailbox & got an enevelope for something I had to mail.  I checked a few things before going to another dorm to give a friend a bday card, ended up running into a friend on way over and had a nice talk.  Then I drove to my work study daycare to turn in a paper.
1:30PM -- I came back to the room and started reading my 70 pages that were due Tuesday
2:20PM -- Took a quick break to go turn in a tutoring sheet & mail my letter with a friend
2:40PM -- Came back and finished reading
4PM -- I attempted to work on a biology lab homework and did some picking up of the room
4:30PM -- Went over to a friends room for a bit
4:45PM -- Went downstairs and printed out Biology notes, came back and took a quiz
5-5:40 -- Just hung out, watched Youtube videos, read blogs & started blogging this
5:40 -- Met friends for dinner
6:10 -- Got back to the room & chilled with friends for a few
6:25 -- Everyone had stuff going on so I just went back to my room and chilled.  Most days I try to get my homework done before dinner so the evenings can be spent with friends.  
6:30-8 -- I watched youtube videos & one of my shows I hadn't seen online.  Everyone was busy so I had a lazy evening
8-- I showered
8:30-9:30 -- played cards with friends
9:30 -- Early bedtime and it felt soo good!

My evening was a little different then normal, but you pretty see what my days are like on Monday & Wednesdays!  Fridays are about the same but after my 11am class I have been going to my grandparents to get some things done.  I am hoping to do another day in the life for Tuesday or Thursday as those days are totally different!! :)

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