Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Insert Deep Post

Quite the title, right?!  I really feel in the mood for more of a deep type of post today.  Why?  I don't know...somedays I just got a lot on my mind and feel like getting it all out on paper.  It makes me feel better, and it's good to change up the type of posts every so often!!

So here I am...Sitting in a quiet room, what happens to be my floors lounge...with just some Pandora Top Country Radio playing, my feet up, on my laptop in a comfy chair with water next to me...A feel random people from my floor that walk by who I can see through the 2 next to door windows.

Can you picture it?  Can you tell I had to type a descriptive paper earlier?  Moving on..

When I started college I don't know what I thought it was going to be like.  I was anxiously excited with a little bit of nerves.  But here I am, a month and 2 days after I moved in.  On my fifth week of classes.  I have survived 2 exams..which I must say college tests/grading is so much different then high school tests/grading.  I definitely didn't do the greatest, I'm pretty sure to getting 87 percents or higher so these lower grades scare me.  But that is a whole other post..

But here I am.  In this first month, I have experience a lot.  Gaining a group of friends just like that, easy peezy lemon breezy!  We enjoyed some great times those first days of just orientation and no classes.  I am very thankful for those times, I really needed and enjoyed that!  But then classes hit, boom!  And things changed, more then I think I ever thought.

Now we have all these different schedules...different class times, sports and activities.  We were all hit with how to spend our time.  Time for classes, sports/activities, homework, some me time and time for friends and/or fun.  I will admit those first few days I felt stressed...I felt the need for that all important (maybe too important) schedule.  I definitely have that kinda schedule thing down now thankfully.  But those friend time we all had then, we didn't have anymore.  I really tried to find it, a time for us all to hang out.  But after days of that not happening I got really frustrated.  I wished I could have time for us all...but it didn't happened.

So I started hanging out with 3 people from my floor that at the beginning if you would of told me they were going to be my friends, I would have said no way!  Same as the group I talked about earlier, but even more so with this group.  It started off as just one girl I would hang out with when my group was busy.  But slowly it turned into her and 2 other girls from my floor.  We started to hang out in our free time (which was more at times then the other group) and I started to grow friendships with all three of them.

And now they are my closes friends.  I love each of them.  I have had some crazy fun times with them.  I definitely think and hope we will all grow closer over the year and stay friends throughout college and beyond!

I guess it just goes to show you that God has plans for you, that you may never see coming.  But I'm so thankful that God put these girls in my life!!  Just last night I was laying in a hammock with one of the girls just laughing and having a good time.  Moments like those are priceless.  SO SO SO Thankful for those reminders!

So yes this post was very random, kinda all over the place, and deep at times.  If you have made it this far, then thank you!

*Brought to you by the random thoughts in my head this afternoon*

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