Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Life Update

This will be a kinda random post!

  • I am now working at a daycare.  It is through works study, but it is off campus at a daycare!  The past week and this week has been training!  This daycare is definitely different than my last daycare, but i'm definitely enjoying it!!  Between teaching at Sunday school last year, a daycare for a year, and now this daycare, I can say how much I love it & love kids!!
  • I'm really happy that I went home last weekend!  It was a great weekend & I enjoyed it so much!  This weekend I plan to spend lots of time with friends from my floor, i'm excited :)
  • I'm just spending my days going to classes, doing homework, working, spending some times with friends, and having some quiet alone time!! :)
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Happy Wednesday :) 

Also I am linking up in a blog hop today, go check it out!

The Hump Day Blog Hop

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Your Beauty Fix said...

love the random life update! sometimes its good just to catch up :)

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