Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tuesday Day In The Life

Here is a day in the life of my Tuesday!!  

7:10AM -- Alarm goes off, I'm slow to get up this morning!  Couldn't fall asleep last night!!
7:10-7:30 -- Check phone, go to the bathroom, get dressed (rainy day so yoga pants & a sweatshirt it is!), did hair, put earrings & watch on, went to bathroom to put contacts in 
7:30-7:50 -- Eat breakfast in room, got ready to go & headed to 8am Class
8AM-9:15Am -- Ethics Class
9:15AM -- Head out in the rain, grabbed a smoothie & bagel from coffee place & head back to the drom
9:30AM-10:40 -- Relaxing time!  Watched youtube videos & one of my TV shows
10:40 -- Head to class
11AM-11:40AM -- Writing class!  Got out early, like we always do :P  Technically suppose to go til 12:15PM! 
11:40-12:15PM -- Back to dorm, picked up room & then headed to lunch with friends
12:15-12:50PM -- Lunch
12:50-2:20PM -- Took online Science quiz, watched another Youtube video, read blogs, wrote this post
2:30-3:45PM -- Freshman seminar class!
3:50-6:10PM -- Random stuff, including filling out daycare paperwork.
6:10-6:40PM -- Dinner with friends
7PM-9PM -- Hung out in a friends room
9PM -- Showered
9:20-10PM -- Hung out for awhile before finally heading to bed

And there is a somewhat typical Tuesday for you!!

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