Thursday, October 3, 2013

Feeling Confident In Friendships

I've been in a wanting to write deep posts type of mood this week..
So here I go again, if you make it through this then congrats to you!

I feel like at the beginning of college and trying to find friends, I wasn't for sure that the other person(s) felt the same way I did.  That they were wanting to be my friend, accepted me for who I am, actually liked me, ect.  

But now I can say their are 3 other girls who I know care about me and all those other things.  And it feels good, to be able to be yourself.  I can sing at the top of my lungs, I can say dorky stuff, ect.  I can be me!

It just feels so good.  To know that you have someone(s) there for you, to talk to, to hang out with, ect.

And one of them has been reading my blog so thank you for being so accepting and a great friend to know who you are ;)

Happy Thursday, the week has flown by!

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