Friday, October 4, 2013

Five On Friday

It's Friday, wohoo!! :)

Linking up once again for Five On Friday!

  1. My Thursday night was exciting...a little too exciting!  About 8:30pm we started to get rain and hail.  Then it was pouring and then we were in tornado watches.  I hung out with friends keeping an eye on the radar and news.  About 10:45 the sirens go off because of a tornado warning so we made our way to basement and camped out there for awhile before being in clear and then went upstairs and hung out for awhile since we were all very awake after all that!  I didn't make it to bed til 12:30AM!
  2. I got a pretty easy day today!!  I had my 8am class & my 11am class was cancelled!  All I have is lunch with my grandma & a meeting at 3pm!
  3. It amazes me how people who I met the first days and who I thought they were and i've gotten to know people and they are becoming good friends of mine.  It really amazes me and i'm so thankful for all these friendships that are blooming!! :)
  4. Next Friday night/Saturday my best friend (Kayleen) is coming to visit me!!  I'm SO excited!!  It's going to be a crazy weekend next weekend (10.11/10.12/10.13)!  Not only is it homecoming and Kayleen is coming, but Saturday night I'm going to a cousins bday party and staying night at my grandmas with church & brunch the next morning :)  So super excited for next weekend, it shall be awesome!
  5. I am loving this new daycare job!!  I was alone with 6 toddlers on Wednesday and as crazy and stressful as that is being new, I survived and i'm gaining confidence!  Children are my passion and i'm shown everyday that becoming a teacher is 100% right for me!! :)
Happy Friday & have an amazing weekend!
PS -- have you seen my new blogger header?!

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