Thursday, October 10, 2013

Making Others Smile

Have you smiled today?  Have you thought, "Gosh, it's a great day to be alive!"  Have you made someone else smile today?  Have you done something for someone today?  From something simple as holding a door, giving them a smile or saying hi to a stranger?

Our lives are so busy.  We got this and this and that.  We are so busy, we forget to do something for someone else.  So I challenge you to do something for someone else today.  Just smile to a stranger, they may be having a bad day and that smile makes there day.  You never know what someone is going through!!
If there is one thing i've noticed since living in a dorm is the few people I see at 7am (not many) they are always tired and gloomy.  I've been trying to say good morning, smile or say hi to them.  My morning didn't start off the best, but I decided to turn it into a good day.  So I stuck positive sayings on sticky notes around the room! :) 

Happy Thursday!

PS -- Smile, it's almost Friday and everyday is a new day :)

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