Monday, October 7, 2013

Why & Feeling Confident

I've been in college for 7 1/2 weeks.  And I have yet to regret choosing my college.  I love my college!!  I had reasons that made me love this college, but I never had a specific reason why I choose my college.  It always felt right.  In my heart I knew this was my place, from the first time I visited.  It has always felt right.

So I choose this college.  And after being here for this long, I love the college more and more.  Somedays as I walk on campus, i just think about how peaceful it is here.  How pretty it is.  How right it feels.  It feels right here.  No doubt, no question.  And that makes my reason of choosing this college feel even more right.

I'm happy here.  My friends are here.  Teachers that I can email or visit their offices anytime are here.  My small class sizes are here.  Me having to answer questions and being involved in class discussion is here.  My right choice is here.

So if there are any high school seniors reading this..pick a college that in your heart is right.  Of course you need to make sure they have a good program of what you are going into.  And be able to afford it.  But in the end...let your heart choose.  Your heart won't fail you...i promise! :)

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