Friday, November 8, 2013

New Type Of Busy

I think the title pretty much summarizes why I haven't been blogging!  Been Busy!!!

But this type of busyness is a whole new level of busyness compared to high school and ever before!  Really seems like all I do is go to classes, tutoring twice a week and HOMEWORK HOMEWORK HOMEWORK!!  Homework really is my life!!  Add in a little friend time, working and me time!  And then there is actually forcing myself to be in bed by 10pm, because I have learned how fast 7am comes!!

There really isn't much to update on myself!  Since fall break (3 weeks ago) I have been back home for both weekend.  But now I won't be going home again til Thanksgiving break (AKA end of the month).  

For those of you actually reading this, thank you & hopefully I will blog again soon:)

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