Monday, November 11, 2013

What College Has Taught Me in 11 weeks

I've been in college for 11 weeks (Yes, I counted it).  I've learned a lot so far and college has taught me many things!  Today I'm going to share what I've been taught!!
  • Your going to meet LOTS of people in college.  Some people you will be friends with for awhile, some longer, some people you will only see once or twice, some people you will see all the time, some people you will like, some you won't.
  • This ain't high school anymore!  Homework will overtake your live!  Get homework done early, it will save you stress!!
  • Make time for yourself!!  Everyone needs a little ME time everyday!
  • Don't go into college thinking you will be good buddies or best friends with your roommate.  Sure it might happen, but more then likely not!!  
  • Let your roommate do what they wish and could worry about it.  You don't need any more worries and unless it is affecting you, you shouldn't worry.
  • Agendas and To-Do list are the best!  USE them! :)
  • Wear supportive shoes if you are walking a lot!  Otherwise you will have to deal with foot pain!!
  • Give yourself time to know you will do it!!
  • Go to the nurse if it's free, free things will help you!  Poor college student!!
  • Also, if there is free tutoring use it!!  It has helped me SO much :)
  • Don't have 8am classes every day of the week...yeah you can survive, but sleep is important!
  • Most of all, Enjoy yourself!!  Make friends, put yourself out there and have fun! 

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