Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 In Review

I really enjoyed doing the year in review last year so I wanted to do it again this year!

So here is 2013 in review!!

Working and really enjoying my job, School, best friend time & cousin Gavin turning 4!
Lot's of friend time, Kayleen turned 18, crazy baby brother time and lots more snow along with school and work!
Found my prom dress, matched my brother one day & Taylor Swift concert!!!
Prom & Sam's 6th birthday!!
Big, big month!  Honors night, last day of high school, graduation, South Carolina trip & first time to the beach!!
Working tons with a little friend time and baseball plus a Texas trip including attending a Wedding!
Forth of July, Red Mango trips with Kayleen, working and best friend trip to Kansas!
Another big month!!  Hanging out with friends before leaving for college, a hard goodbye for a couple months to people at daycare I worked at for a year, move in day, turned 18, meeting lots of new friends & Walmart runs!!
Went to a Husker game, first steak night at the college, labor day weekend at home including stopping by the daycare and best friend time and of course hammock time!
 Lot's of photos this month.  A friends birthday, a new friend, Halloween.
Kayleen coming to visit me at college, fall break at home and a new puppy!
Friend time, Casino night, crazy busy with school, Thanksgiving break including downtown light ceremony!
Surviving my first College Dead week and Finals week.  Winter Break.  Working at daycare at home, spending time with my best friend and Christmas!!

I'm excited for 2014!!  I am hopeful that it will be a good year for me :)

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