Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Haul

I thought I would do a post of everything I got for Christmas AKA A Christmas Haul!
^First 3 where from grandparents, the second and third were our stocking.  The purple chair was from my dad's girlfriend.
The first is a shampoo/conditioner set from my dad, rest from grandparents.  A CD, Husker cup, bracelets and lots of post it notes including a holder.
First is 2 books from my mom, the rest is from my grandparents.  PJ's, a fleece jacket and then fuzzy socks, texting gloves and socks.
First is the movie Silver Linings and a calendar from my cousins.  Bottom row is a watch and then stocking stuff. (I don't know why the last picture is a pic of the whole collage instead of the 4th picture on all of these, but just noticed this and don't want to have to redo them all!  Oh well!)
This whole collage is from my mom/step dad/santa.  Perfume, boots, heated auto ice scrapper, new origami owl locket, chain and charms.
This is sideways, I appologize, but it is is a new comforter for my room at dads.  
Not picture is a sweatshirt from my grandma that has my college name, 3 cases of Dr Pepper from my dad and 5 dollars from my great grandma!

It was a pretty good Christmas! :)

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