Friday, December 13, 2013

Five On Friday

Happy Friday!!
I haven't linked up with Five On Friday for awhile so thought I would today :)

  1. I'm one happy girl that my first semester of college is done and over!  And I survived :)  I definitely will enjoy my 3wks of break, before going back for a thing our school calls Interterm which is where you take one class Monday through Friday from either 9am to 11:45am or 2pm to 4:45pm.  This only lasts 3 and a half weeks and then we get 5 days off before Spring semester starts!
  2. I get to work at my old daycare while I am back home!! :)  I am sooo excited to see all 'my' kids and all the staff I worked with.  I know from the last day that I worked, it won't be the same, but I'm hoping that I will enjoy it and plus it is money!! :)
  3. Christmas is less then two weeks away, can you say crazy?!  I'm so excited for it!!  I love this time of year! :)
  4. Does anyone watch vlogs on Youtube?  I have fell in love with some daily vloggers and I just loving watching vlogs!!  Except I am soooo behind on them due to being busy lately and everyone doing vlogmas!  Vlogs have kinda over taken reading blogs for me.
  5. I will leave you with a happy quote!  Happy Friday :)

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Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

LOVE that happy quote! YES YES!
happy, merry weekend, lovely! xx

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