Friday, January 24, 2014

5 On Friday

Happy Friday!  I had a fun post planned with this week, but then I worked 4 days plus my class plus came home last night so no time for it!  So instead I will keep up the trend of doing Five On Friday!  Enjoy :)


1.  I'm home on Interterm break til next Tuesday and it feels so good!  I love being home!  If only there was more time!  So many people I want to see while i'm home!

2.  My 'baby' cousin turned 5 this past week!  Crazy to think about!  I miss having cousins to go see and spoil and hold them for hours!! :(

3.  Speaking of break, I get to see my favorite twins tomorrow and couldn't be more excited!!  I've missed them times a million!

4. I am nervous about spring semester!  I don't think i'll be very nervous for first day, just because I know someone in every single one of my classes.  I'm just nervous about getting into the routine of 5 classes plus i'll be working everyday for atleast an hour.  So I'm nervous about getting into a routine of class, work, homework, a little me time, excercise (been starting to do exercise videos), writing blog posts (hopefully I can get a bunch done while I'm home and on weekends) & Youtube!  Wish me luck!  This routine starts Wednesday!!

5.  I just realized I never did a post over how fall semester went, so will do one and for interterm!  Come back Monday for some fun blog posts & I would love to do a Q&A so leave questions below!!  

Happy Friday Friends :)

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