Monday, January 20, 2014

Day In The Life: Interterm Style

Interterm sadly is almost over, but here is what the last 10 days have looked like.

8am -- Alarm goes off.  Check phone
8:02-8:05 -- Get out of bed and go to the restroom
8:05 -- Get dressed, do hair, put earings and watch on
8:15 -- Go to the bathroom to put contacts in and brush teeth 
8:20 -- Check the web and eat breakfast
8:35 -- Slowly start to put shoes and coat on
8:45 -- Head down the hall and see if friend is ready to go and then head to class
9am -- Class begins
Class is suppose to go til 11:45 but all of last week we got out early.  So I would head back to dorm and at 11:45 we would head to lunch
11:55am -- Lunch
Noon -- Everyday but Mondays (these last 10 days) I just spend til 4:45 doing homework, watching youtube videos and cleaning.  Mondays and then this Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I work from 1:30 til 4:30ish.
5pm -- Dinner
5:30 -- Last week we actually did things in the evening.  If nothing planned, then just hanging out.  Last week though on Monday I helped friends move til 9pm, Tuesday we went to a basketball game, Wednesday we went to 2 basketball games, Thursday we went to Panera and Friday was a chill night.
After those, I shower and go to bed by 10pm!

Interterm has been laid back, since we all don't have tons of homework.  Thursday is last day of this! :(  Bitter-sweet!  I enjoyed all this free time and friend time!

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