Friday, January 10, 2014

Five On Friday

Happy Friday!!

Since it's Friday, why not do Five on Friday?!
  1. It snowed here on Wednesday!!  I was okay with it since I had nowhere to be :)  I like snow as long as I don't have to drive in it!!  Do you like snow?  Leave it in the comments!
  2. I got a new planner over break so I have turned my old one into a blogger planner!  Which I love because I can write down all the dates I need to blog on my Name blog and also plan ahead what i'm going to blog when!  This is really nice and I already have posts planned for next week and the following!  Also, once I have finished a post I write schd with a check mark and I don't have to worry and I can see when things need to get done!  Definitely hope this weeks me blogging every week day and motivated towards the blog :)  I have some fun posts coming your way, so be watching for those!!
  3. I am currently in interterm and we finish on January 23rd!  I will then get to be home til the 29th.  I am really excited for this and hopefully get to see my favorite twins while I'll be home!  These days off I won't be working...figured since I didn't have much of a me break over winter break that I would take this break for me as an actual break!
  4. If there is one thing that College is teaching me, it's that I need to create my own happiness.  Yes replying on others for your happiness will give you happiness, but only for a little while.  You need to create your own happiness and find happiness in yourself.  Enjoy the little things like watching tv and playing candy crush!  Bring your own happiness to yourself!  Life lessons being learned!!
  5. Another, is how awesome my friends are back at home!  After being home for break, I miss them all so much!  I may have taken them for granted then, but no longer.  I'm thaknful that these friends are in my life! <3
Thanks for reading!  Hope everyone has a great weekend and comes back Monday for a fun blog post! :)

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