Friday, January 31, 2014

Five On Friday

I am slowly getting back into the swing of classes!  I'm a little nervous, because it seems like I will have lots of reading.  I just hope to get into the swing of things and get a routine going.  Deep down i'm a little stressed out, until I get that routine going!

It is snowing here.  It seems to be snowing lightly so fingers crossed it stays light!  I could care less about snow unless i'm driving so after i'm done with work it can snow all it wants til Sunday afternoon!  I'm such a chicken when it comes to driving in snow!

I'm hoping to do a lot of posts this weekend so I can have a scheduled post for everyday next week!  It seems impossible to blog much during the week unless it's scheduled!  So hopefully you will get 5 continuous days of blogging next week!

I can't believe today is the last day of January, where did the month go?!  

I feel like this year or recently I have finally been working to improve myself.  And I have finally gotten to the point where I am putting myself first and doing what makes me happy.  Getting away from drama and just being myself.  I have been doing some exercise videos and keeping a journal, ect.  I just feel happy and I hope this continues :)

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