Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What's On My iPhone

On Youtube I have seen a lot of people do What's On Their iPhone videos so I figured I would do it on my blog!!  Hope you enjoy it!  Leave below any apps/games you enjoy that I might as well!  Thanks for stopping by! :)
^My lock screen!  A collage of photos of me and my best friend!!

^My home page.  Basic thingss on this page.  I have Phone, Messages, Mail and Safari on bottom.  Then the first two rows are just general apps that come on the phone.  Then 3rd row is the same expect the last one, Social Folder, being full of social media apps I use.  Then next row is Games, Music apps and then a flashlight app I downloaded.
 ^Social folder.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.  Check these multiple times a day.  Snapchat, recently fell in love with that!  Blogger, use occasionally.  Y! Messenger, Bitstrips and Pinterest I use every once in a while!
^Games.  Candy crush and then game center!  Leave more games below!  I have fallen back in love with candy crush!
^Music!  Pandora (use the 2nd most), iHearRadio to listen to radio stations back at home and then Music (use a lot!).
^2nd page!  Photo/Video, Extras and iPhone stuff.  Stuff I barely ever use!  Then my background is of my favorite two twins :)
^Photo/Video!  Youtube (use occasionally if can't watch videos on computer), Collage (used a few times), Emoji (randomly in here), Videos (never use), Facetime (never use), iTunes store (random too), Instacollage (use sometimes), ABM (paid for this and like it!) and whitagram (found off of someones whats on my iphone video!)
^Extras AKA stuff that came on phone or I download and just don't use
^Another page!  Used Sleep On It to see what times I was waking up at, Nearpod used for my class.

iPhone/Mac things that I don't use!

Hope you enjoyed :)

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