Thursday, January 9, 2014

Winter Break Recap

I had such a great Winter Break!!!!  I enjoyed it VERY much! :)

Easy way to do this is do a picture dumb and say what all I did over break!

Working!!  Lots of it, but it was so nice to be back!  It's really my 2nd home!  Also fell in love with snapchat, this is a favorite with 2 of my friends at the daycare!
 I have 2 favorite little girls at the daycare that are twins.  They love me and i'm sooo attached to them!!  I got to babysit them twice over break and loved every second of it!  I miss them so much already <3  I have their pics as my phone background and I smile every single time I look at it!!
 Gosh those two <3
 Some baby brother time <3
Another love naptime/work/snapchat pic :)
 Got to see my little puppy that is becoming a trouble maker!!
 Best friend time of course!! <3
Got my new phone!!

And then obviously Christmas (EveMorning and Day) and repainting my room!

An amazing winter break! :)

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