Thursday, January 23, 2014

Youtube Favorites

Can I start this off saying that I love watching so many Youtube channels!  I have recently gained a ton of new ones to watch! Here are my favorites!!

Daily Vloggers
About a young couple who have an adorable baby named Oliver!
Love them, watch them daily!!

Newly Daily Vloggers
About a couple who have a son and daughter!
They are fun to watch :)  Fallen in love with this family!

New Daily Vloggers
About a young couple with two adorable children and another boy on the way!
Love that they are daily vlogging, cute couple that are funny with adroable kids!

Daily Vloggers
Never a dull moment in this house!  Funny parents and cute kids and baby!
Only been watching them for a couple weeks, but loving it!

Daily Vloggers
Been watching them for awhile!  All about a couple who are trying to concieve first child.  
Love them, funny and entertaining!

A couple who recently had their first child!
Newly found and their baby is adorable!

Other Favorites who don't put things up as often:

  • Britneyandbaby
  • Gabeandjesss
  • LoraandLayton
GO check them out :)

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